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Volcanoes Stadium

Field of Dreams Way NE

Salem, OR, 97303


Salem - Keizer Volcanoes

Class A - San Franciso Giants    

Northwest League of Professional Baseball




The outside of Vocanoes Stadium.  A bit different; but not bad.  Parking was free; getting to the stadium was easy. There was a small gift shop (structure to the left of the green umbrellas). 


 Things I liked:

  • It was 'net free' down the baselines
  • Train beyond right field
  • Deutche Mirror Pond Beer @ $4.75
  • It was pleasantly free of lots of noise/music between pitches and innings (there was some; but not too often)
  • Attending a game in daylight and leaving the game in daylight
  • The sunset (see photo below)



















Remains of the 4th of July celebration.  Nice green field.  Red seats, sun-bleached pink. 

























 Although this photo looks like weather might have been an issue at this game, it wasn't.





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