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Date Visited:  June 29, 2011



Personal Notes: 


I had a really fun time at this stadium and game.  The section leaders (ushers/usherettes) were very into the game: 

  • Applauding and cheering at good plays
  • Dancing and high-fiving each other after an Indians run
  • Clapping when music played
  • Checking with every fan in their section if things were good with a thumbs-up


The organization handed out 'K' cards (8 1/2" by 11" white cards with a big red K on it).  Fans waved them when a player on the opposing team struck out. 



The main entranceway to Avista Stadium.  The bricks had inscribed messages from the Spokane Indians fans and supporters. 


Behind where I took this photo are placques of the members of the Indians Hall of Fame.


The stadium is located adjacent to the Spokane County Fair and Expo Center and is in an industrial area. 











Things I liked about my visit:


  • Ushers (as mentioned above)
  • They did not play music when announcing player changes
  • One giveaway was 'Field of Greens' - the winner won a day of lawn care
  • Train beyond the outfield
  • Rim of Honor  and all the history displayed around the stadium
  • Excellent variety of food and beer
  • Game time:  2hr 17m - I arrived when it was daylight and it was still daylight out when I left




 The traditional posting of the starting line ups (whiteboard and dry erase).   This, I like. 

The visiting team was the Yakima Bears, Short Season A for the Arizona Diamondbacks.


On a side note, they post real time stats on the stadium scoreboard - things like updated batting average and what the batter did his last at bat. 



Things I didn't like:


  • Music/noise between pitches
  • The relief pitchers were not always announced