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Date Visited:  8/7/11


Customer Service:  Horrendous.  I was EXTREMELY disappointed in the customer service/ticket taker experience at the game I visited here.


My Experience:


Upon entering the gates, my ticket was scanned, then I heard ‘we have to search your bag’ (that’s fine) then an awful bark and hiss ‘ NO UMBRELLAS ALLOWED’.


(I carry a compact umbrella on the outside pocket of my knapsack which I normally forget about and rarely use.   It’s about a foot long and 2 inches wide).


That bark flabbergasted me – first of all - the tone of the message (it really was a hiss and a bark and not fan-friendly at all).  Next, why in the world would an umbrella not be allowed in a Nebraska stadium, on an August evening, and even when there was a rainout the previous evening?  That just boggles my mind. 


Something like, ‘ Sorry, ma’am, umbrellas are not permissible in this stadium’ would have been a more acceptable manner in which to relay the message.


I was so taken aback, I didn’t know what to say.  So, I asked, ‘What do I do if it rains?’ 

Answer was  (in a non fan-friendly, sarcastic tone/bark/hiss) ‘ You’ll just have to get wet like the rest of us.’ 









It almost appears that the Saltdogs don't want fans to visit with the customer service at the entry gate mentioned above and charging $2 - $4 more for a ticket if purchased game day, as noted here. 


$8.90 for a grassy berm seat?


It does make me wonder about the organization.  































 Here's the entranceway.  There was free parking.  The concourse was wide and contained banners of the Saltdogs and the Nebraska Huskers baseball team (the two teams share the ballpark). 


















The field. The scoreboard was very hard to read either because the sun was shining on it or it was not bright enough.  As the sun set, it was easier to read.  The light brick building beyond the center field is Nebraska Memorial Stadium where the Huskers college football games are played.


Other Notes:


  • The bathrooms were dirty - bugs on the seat, toilet paper all over the floor, standing water on the floors.
  • Radio broadcaster was good.  1240AM
  • They did have organ music (very nice) but the organist played over player change announcements (quite annoying)
  • Poor player announcements on video board (showed fans instead of the player stats)
  • Not a whole lot of gimmicks between innings (good thing)




One could walk around the entire concourse.  There were grassy berms, picnic areas, and a kids play area as well.   Two levels of seating with the sky boxes on the second level.


Final notes: 


It's a shame I had such an awful experience at the entry of the game/stadium for my first time visit to this venue.  It put a big time damper on an actually good baseball game I saw.


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